Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace in eastern France, bordering Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. It is a medieval city with a gorgeous gothic cathedral, Our Lady of Strasbourg. A narrow canal runs through the city only inches from passersby, held back by walls that are street level in some places and a few feet above street level in others.

One warm, sunny afternoon many years ago, as I was strolling next to the canal, the man I was watching steer his large motoring sailboat through the waterway, suddenly began to yodel! It was a beautiful, sweet and ringing melody. Everyone within earshot stopped what they were doing to look in amazement and listen.  When he finished his too brief performance, we rewarded him with cheers, claps and whistles! He obviously enjoyed our reaction, yet one wonders what inspired him to belt out a yodel in front of hundreds of people as he puttered by!

Whoever he was, and wherever he is today, I think of him on occasion. I have no idea if he even remembers doing this, but I’m so grateful he did, for it is one of my most cherished travel moments. A gift really, that never fails to make me smile (and sometimes get a little misty-eyed.)

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