Scituate Lighthouse (1811)          unknown photographer

Settled in 1627, Scituate was a relatively quiet little fishing village and summer vacation spot about 40-50 years ago. Today, all of Scituate is experiencing growth. Scituate Harbor (the name of its merchant center and port) is thriving on Boston’s South Shore year-round, with boutiques, fine restaurants, harborside condos, golf enclave and many new expensive homes.

The laid back summer vibe isn’t as evident as it once was, but it is thankfully less crowded, less commercial, and less over run as other beach communities in the region.

The old Quarter Deck has stood its ground as a funky little nautical and what not shop, and the fishing fleet still chugs out to sea past the lighthouse and unload their catch at the dock (which still attracts onlookers.)

A cottage by the sea

Fortunately, the village and many neighborhoods it still retains a seafaring charm, which shines more sweetly at Christmas when the the summer residents are gone and the quiet of winter settles in. The clang of rigging and bouys can often be heard and some of the fishing boats continue the seasonal tradition of sporting wreaths and lights. The shops are cheery and upscale.

Minot Light-North Scituate








The Scituate Lighthouse isn’t as charmingly rustic as it once was, and the rolling lawns that used to top the cliffs are now packed with McMansions, but a few of the old weatherbeaten cottages remain, proudly refusing to budge for fancier dwellings. And various stores and restaurants scattered about have been here for decades, along with many generations of families.

Christmas boat by Martin Beebee

Christmas lights on a fishing boat by Martin Beebee

It’s also a comfort to know that the lighthouse jetty at the harbor’s edge is still the best place to daydream and say hello to passing boats, and the beach is still long, and the sun still sets in pinky-golden orange ribbons across the rolling seas, and the waves still crash, and the gulls still cry, and the beacon still shines at night.

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a lighthouse? VISIT: http://oldscituatelight.blogspot.com

The jetty at sunset-with a Christmas tree at its tip