Downton Abbey cast

Downton Abbey cast

Tonight I’m stretching my definition of Art, because my fellow Anglophiles: Downton Abbey does indeed still stand, and the Crawleys are still in it!

I just got back from the local PBS station’s Downton Abbey Pre-screening Party, celebrating the show’s third season on Masterpiece Theatre. It was a playful and upbeat event, with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and a Downton Abbey trivia game (I expect the board game to be announced any day now!)

Many ladies and gents were dressed in period clothing of course, including a likewise attempt by yours truly. But Gads! it was the one time I didn’t have a camera with me to share the event with you. So sorry.

The season opener was riveting and humorous, and jolly good fun to watch with a few hundred other intrigued fans. All I can say is that something monumental seemed to be taking place between Mary & Matthew, and watch out for the dinner scenes!

True, it’s basically a soap opera set in Edwardian England, but the luxurious costumes, art of conversation, elegant manners, and peek into how the ‘upstairs and downstairs’ societies interact, raises the genre to an unmatched  level all its own.

Crikey, I thought the comment by Cora’s mother, Mrs. Martha Levinson, regarding Matthew inheriting HER husband’s fortune was bloody priceless.

Aldrich Mansion Grand Marble Staircase

Aldrich Mansion Grand Marble Staircase

Sometimes life does imitate drama and drama imitates life, and this thought occurred to me case in point, when I saw ‘someone’ gracefully descending the elaborate Downton Abbey staircase in a lovely white bridal gown.


Lovely and elegant Audrey Hepburn in a stunning Givenchy gown for My Fair Lady.

I’m probably the only person anywhere who actually thought that scene could have been more dramatic and stunning than it was! — more like the time Audrey Hepburn floated down the stairs in that ravishing Givenchy gown in My Fair Lady– if the bride had walked down the solid marble staircase at Aldrich Mansion in Rhode Island!

THAT is a staircase made for dramatic and memorable entrances my darlings, particularly when a bride appears robed in her loveliest gown ever. But more on that auspicious estate in a later blog post!

Don’t miss the premiere of Downton Abbey on PBS. Check your local station.