The backyard was like Grand Central Station this morning! I was surprised to see a hummer still around this late with the chilly nights, but a male ruby throat was buzzing around the butterfly bush, while chickadees were vying for space with the house finches and sparrows at the thistle feeder.

The Blue jays were making their presence known by loudly announcing bath time; nothing unusual there, as they use the birdbath more than any of the other birds. They also announce when it’s being filled with fresh water, and become quite territorial if I sit too close.

A short while later, there was a flurry of excitement for a few minutes as the cute and shy, fluffy grey and white cat had a few words with the squirrel, with the nosy Blue jays weighing in.

shy kitty

There is much to enjoy in a garden where so many animals and insects converge in a safe place.                           Male American Goldfinch


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