Whew! Damn, what can happen in a matter of months. Who knew when I posted my 2013 New Year’s comments about the year ahead or started to ramp up my blog on March 1st, that four days later my brother would die unexpectedly and render the blog as far into the distance as it could go? Fate looks at us as fools, no doubt.

Ironically, my brother was the most experienced world traveler I–and everyone else–ever knew. He was the ‘go to guy’ for any travel info and I tried to get him to share his stories on this blog. The travel bug got me before he started his jaunts, but he fueled it incessantly. As a charter and airline pilot he saw the entire world as well within reach, and grabbed at it all. He also lived in Puerto Rico, Ireland and Greece. He planned to retire on Spain’s Costa Brava.

He is actually the person I wrote about in my Lessons Learned post about not having my Passport ready. More than ever, I see what a loss it was not to have traveled with him to London last New Year’s weekend.

Now, as we prepare for our first Thanksgiving without him, which would have also been his 61st birthday, I’m ready to blog on, for better or for worse. Some posts may be backdated to the appropriate season.


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