Ever since I figured out how to unlatch the back gate, I’ve been a wanderer. Lured by soft breezes, driven by curiosity and vexed by boredom, my goal is to catch the true essence or ‘vibe’ of a place, and to feel at home anywhere in the cosmos.

Sometimes wandering leads me far away, other times just around the block, and then, surprisingly like Dorothy’s three clicks of the heel, it may lead me to discoveries right back behind the gate.

I have favorite neighborhoods in many places, both urban and rural, here in the U.S. and abroad. Some places invigorate me, while others bless me with serenity. But they all sparkle of history, gourmandise, architecture, The Arts, and horticulture. And they all provide flawless views and optimal people watching!

Every place I visit becomes a part of me and each one harbors at least one perfect travel memory that I’ll carry with me always. The best part is that those serendipitous moments of perfection can be found anywhere, near or far.

Whether I’m clicking my heels at home or clicking my luggage locks far away, my compass is set for having enriching and interesting experiences wherever I am.

Hence the blog’s tagline: Explore like a Traveler (see your home locale afresh like a visitor) and Travel like a Local (go far beyond the surface when you are visiting other locations.)…..and that means always look for magic, appreciate simple pleasures and peek behind the scenes as much as possible.

Travel Hungry in the Cosmos has a crew of good friends around the U.S. and overseas who also live and travel under the influence of this quirky ‘travel think’ and they will be sharing their experiences as well.

Whether you seek an appetizer to pique your travel appetite for future trips or desire a hearty snack to sate your armchair travel munchies, reset your compass, make yourself comfortable, and savor the time spent here. Thanks for visiting.